Summer online safety tips for children

It’s summer and children have more time than ever to spend watching or using screens. Helping young people know what is safe and appropriate will help them understand how websites and online platforms can impact their future.

To help parents and guardians establish healthy boundaries, TDS Telecom is offering these tips on how to be safe online.

Protect Your Personal Information
Do not give anyone your name, address, the name of your school or any information about your family.

Do not fill in a profile that asks for your name and address.

Do not give anyone your password, even close friends. Passwords are a link to your personal information. If other people have your password they can pretend to be you or change your information. It is best to not share this information

Do not post pictures of yourself without your guardian’s or parents’ permission.

Be Cautious when Connected to the Internet
Do not talk to strangers on the internet or agree to meet anyone you’ve met online.

Do not visit a chat room without permission from an adult.

Do not download or install anything on your computer without permission from an adult. Ask if you have any questions or concerns about something you read.

If you are talking to someone online and they make you uncomfortable, remember you can end the conversation and disconnect with them.

TDS’ Wendi Bulkley teaches the students the online safety rap song.

TDS’ Be Safe Online program to return
TDS’ Be Safe Online program will return this fall to third grade classrooms in the Washington County School District. Be Safe Online will once again partner with Empowering Young Minds, LLC and Utah Tech University students to spread the word about safe internet habits.

During the 2022-23 school year, the Be Safe Online program was held at 21 elementary schools in Washington County, Utah and reached more than 10,000 young students. Schools hosted a week-full of activities during the schools and concluded with a high-energy, music-filled all-school assembly.

“Elementary school students were taught about internet safety and received educational handouts with tips on being safe online to encourage family conversations,” said TDS Field Marketing Associate Manager Wendi Bulkley. “Students received a free internet safety t-shirt and taught a memorable safety rap song to help them remember these safety principles.”

The program kicked off its first assembly on Sept. 9, 2022 at Desert Canyons Elementary School.

“A huge thank you to the students at Utah Tech who brought so much enthusiasm and talent to our program. These elementary students look up to you and you did an excellent job teaching how important it is to be safe online,” said Bulkley.

For TDS, this meaningful program matches the work we do with our TDS Cares campaign. TDS is proud to be the title sponsor of Be Safe Online.

Below are some additional online safety resources from the federal government:

Coronavirus Response | Keeping Children Safe Online (

Protecting Kids Online | Consumer Advice (

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”) | Federal Trade Commission (

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