TDS Cable Spotlight Community: Mesquite, Nev.

With a warm desert climate and more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Mesquite, ​​Nev. is the place to go for outdoor fun and sun—just ask the TDS employees who live there.

Naomi Sepulveda, consumer sales representative – Retail, said she loves “the small town life” of Mesquite. “I come from a larger city area, full of congestion and head ache, so I love this town so full of pure beauty.”​

​Mesquite, Nev. is a TDS cable market. In September, TDS launched 300Mbps for residential customers in Mesquite and in December 300Mbps was launched for commercial customers. ​​
She said Mesquite is close enough to St. George, Utah and Las Vegas to experience shopping and restaurants and yet nearby there are wonderful outdoor activities at Valley of Fire or Zion National Park.

Mesquite is located next to the Arizona state line, 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas with a population of 17,496. The city is situated in the Virgin River valley surrounded by mountains and located in the northeastern part of the Mojave Desert. Mesquite is a stopping point for those traveling along Interstate 15 between Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

MesquiteRocks3_golf.jpgWith its sunny weather, Mesquite is a destination-location for year-round golfers with nine public courses, seven of which are championship courses designed by golf legends including Arnold Palmer. The courses wind through the canyons of Mesquite and the rugged desert arroyos. Mesquite is also home to casinos and a bevy of hiking trails.

If you enjoy multi-hued sandstone, easy hiking with some rock scrambling, Native American rock art, and incredible desert and mountain views, explore the Gold Butte area just south of Mesquite. This region includes scenic red-rock areas called the Whitney Pockets and Little Finland which encompass about 360,000 of mostly wilderness.

MesquiteRocks2_Hobgoblin.jpgThe Little Finland area, also known as Hobgoblin’s Playground and Devil’s Fire, is packed with unique rock formations some only three or four feet tall. This area extends about ½ mile and has great views of eroded sandstone, small arches and rock windows. Little Finland is said to combine strange natural beauty with solitude.

When asked why Naomi lives in Mesquite? “I always have the same answer, Mesquite is better for my MIND, my BODY and my SOUL. I love the sun, warmth and desert beauty,” Naomi said. “Yes, even when it is 120 degrees! (I know crazy!?)”

TDS’ Michael Ramirez, consumer sales representative – Retail, couldn’t agree more. “When I’m not working the first and best thing I enjoy is spending time in the desert with my family, Zion National Park, The Grand Canyon or Valley of Fire,” he said. “Riding dirt bikes, Razors and quad are activities we do here to have fun.”

Up, up and away
MesquiteRocks4_skydiveing.jpgFor the more adventurous souls, Skydive Mesquite is the largest full-service drop zone in Nevada. If you’re ready to make your first skydive, many say the skies above Mesquite offer spectacular aerial views of the desert.

Another way to see Mesquite from the sky is the annual Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival that takes place in mid-January. This year’s event included more than 40 colorful hot air balloons that took to the skies over scenic southern Nevada.

History of Mesquite
MesquiteRocks1_caption.jpgMesquite was settled by Mormon pioneers in 1880. The community was flooded three times by the waters of the Virgin River, but was finally incorporated in May 1984. By 2006, Mesquite was one of the fastest-growing small towns in the United States, though the late-2000s recession led to the closure of both the Mesquite Star and Oasis (formerly The Peppermill) casinos. ​​​ ​

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    Yes, small towns are wonderful. La Luz, NM qualifies as a great little village, close to the Sacramento Mountains’ inviting trails, just beyond another wonderful small village, Cloudcroft.

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