TDS associates on a mission to make sure others are safe

TDS’ Lyndsie Dull is on a mission, a mission to make sure everyone is safe from COVID-19.

Lyndsie Dull

Lyndsie works as a direct sales representative in Northern Colorado. A month ago, she was watching the news when she saw there was a shortage of face masks.

“I thought to myself, ‘hey, I have a sewing machine and tons of fabric, I can help.’”

Lyndsie did some research and found an in instructional video on YouTube for making the Olson Face Mask, which includes an inside pocket for a filter.

Whether it’s at night, lunch time, or breaks during the day, for four weeks Lyndsie has been busy making masks. “I made 80 masks in two days,” she said. “I have an order now for 58 masks. I can’t keep up. The demand is huge.”

It takes her about 30 minutes to make each mask and so far she has made more than 700. She donates them to hospitals and nursing homes and charges nothing for her efforts.

“I’m not asking for anything in return,” she said.

Each mask costs her about $2 to create, but she’s happy to invest in her community because she knows the needs are great. Lyndsie has gone through the 20 yards of fabric she started with and is now making them out of t-shirts she had planned to give to Goodwill.

Her pattern includes eight pieces of fabric that she sews together. The inside part is an important part of the mask, because it includes a pocket for a filter. This extra step is time consuming, she says, but necessary. She uses hair ties to secure the mask around the ear.

Lyndsie’s passion to help others comes from her previous work as a certified nursing assistant and her aunt who works in nursing. “I just want to make sure everyone is safe.”

Lyndsie gave a shout out to TDS’ Katy Shiverdecker, senior administrator of Field Cable Marketing, who helped her create masks.

Lyndsie was born and raised in Colorado and now lives in Windsor with her husband. She started at TDS at the end of November as a direct sales representative. Because of COVID-19, she is not going door-to-door but has recently been cross trained for working in the call center. Feel free to email Lyndsie if interested in helping her create face masks.



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