TDS named the Best Internet Provider in Iron County, Utah

TDS® has been named the Best Internet Provider in Iron County.  In September,  TDS launched 1Gig internet speeds in Cedar City so residential and business customers can now go faster than ever with a variety of high-speed internet packages from TDS.

“Thank you for voting for TDS,” said Julie Maiers, vice president of TDS Marketing & Product Development. “We have invested and will continue to invest in the local network to deliver faster internet speeds to keep our customers reliably connected.”

TDS came to Cedar City more than five years ago. Today, TDS provides high-speed internet, extensive TV programming, and reliable phone services in Cedar City and delivers 1.2 million connections in 30 states in nearly 900 rural, suburban, metropolitan communities across the U.S.

“At TDS, we know how important it is to have a strong, reliable internet connection especially during these times when so many of us are working or learning from home. That’s why we keep updating our network to provide the fastest speeds possible,” said Maiers. “Cedar City customers can download and upload quickly, stream videos and music seamlessly, and video chat with loved ones without frustrating lag times.”

TDS also recently introduced a new home Wi-Fi service to complement its faster internet speeds. “TDS Wi-Fi+ gives you the power to enjoy a smarter, stronger Wi-Fi experience in every room of your home.”

“I especially want to thank our dedicated TDS employees for all their hard work in serving our Cedar City customers,” said Maiers.

To learn more about 1Gig services, go to or call 1-855-771-3971.


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