TDS to fully shut down Cedar City, Utah; Ruidoso, NM; Alamogordo, NM customers who are not yet converted

TDS customers need to act before Tuesday, Sept. 27 to avoid TV outage
TDS Telecom (TDS®) is in the process of upgrading to all-digital TV service in Cedar City, Utah, Ruidoso, NM and Alamogordo, NM. For nearly six months, customers have received letters, e-mails and mailings from TDS encouraging them to convert to new set top boxes. This is part of the process TDS calls analog reclamation, a method where TDS converts low-efficiency analog video signals to more efficient digital signals.

About 1,000 accounts in Cedar City and 400 accounts in Alamogordo and Ruidoso, who have not started the process to switch over from analog, will be fully shut down from cable services on Tuesday, Sept. 27. To avoid this shut down, customers need to order a new digital set-top box for each TV in their home to allow adequate time for activation and to avoid service interruption.

For instance, if you have a TV in a bedroom or basement that doesn’t have a set-top box, you need to get one or you won’t be able to get channels on those televisions. The new digital service requires a digital set-top box for every TV in the home.

“We’re confident our customers will be pleased with the upgraded digital TV service,” said Shane West, vice president of Marketing and Product Development at TDS. “We want everyone to convert now to avoid cable service loss. If you’ve received notifications about this matter, please respond now.”

Digital TV provides access to more TV channels, advanced set-top boxes provide whole-home DVR functionality, more high definition channels and TV Everywhere. TDS will begin to increase internet speeds and introduce new high-definition channels following the conversion to all-digital TV service.

“We want to provide all of our customers with the most innovative products and services we have to offer,” West said. “We appreciate everyone’s help in completing this process quickly.”

Customers are being asked to call 855-696-8375 or visit for additional information and to order digital set-top boxes online — in advance of the full analog service conversion. The set-top boxes will work on both standard- and high-definition televisions.

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