Tech gift ideas for the entire family

This holiday season there is no shortage of tech gifts to give. We have gathered tech gift ideas to help you navigate tech shopping that come in all prices, types and for every person on your shopping list!

For the adventurer – Google Daydream

What is it?

The Google Daydream is a new virtual reality headset made by Google. You can explore places with the VR headset, watch your favorite shows and movies and also play video games.  The controller for the Google Daydream lets users take part in the action, whether it’s driving a car or swinging a club.

How much? $99

For the athlete – Beatsx Wireless Headphones

What is it?

Beatsx Wireless Headphones have some key features that make them great for working out and being active. First, they are Bluetooth, which makes it convenient to have your phone in your pocket while running or close by if you’re in a gym. Second, they have eight hours of battery life and can recharge in 5-minutes to give you an extra two hours. Third, they are voice activated so you can effortlessly as Siri or Google Assistant to make a call or change the song.

How much? $99.99

For the Star Wars Fanatic – Sphero R2-D2

What is it?

Sphero has created a new R2-D2 droid that is more authentic than ever. You can control the droid with a smart device, watch it roam around or you can see it interact with other Star War app-enabled Droids. This R2-D2 has lights and speakers so it looks and sounds just the R2-D2 from the movie.

How much? $129.99


For the bookworm – Amazon Kindle Oasis

What is it?

The Amazon Kindle Oasis is the first waterproof Kindle therefore you can take it anywhere. It has a large screen with high resolution and of course no glare, making it read like a real paper. Additionally, it has Bluetooth capabilities so you can listen with Audible anywhere and at any time.

How much? $249.99

For the gamer – Nintendo Switch

What is it?

The Nintendo Switch takes gaming to the next level. The Switch has three modes; you can play at home with TV Mode, play on the go with Handheld Mode or play with friends through Tabletop Mode. There is no longer a need for multiple games on different devices because whether you’re at home or on the go you can continue with the Switch.

How much? $299.99

For the forgetful – Tile Mate

What is it?

The Tile Mate is a small thin square with a tracking device that aims to make finding something easy. It can be hooked on a keychain, placed in your purse, or even attached to your bike. Then when the item is lost, you can just open the Tile app to help locate the misplaced item.

How much? Ranges from $25 to $120

For the aerial photographer – Spark

What is it?

Drones keep getting smarter and Spark is no exception. This new drone comes in a variety of colors can be activated by facial recognition and controlled by your hand, a remote, mobile device, or a pair of DJI googles.

How much? $499


For the crafter – Cricut Maker

What is it?

The Cricut Maker is a smart cutting tool to assist anyone in advancing their crafting skills or speeding up their crafting process. Templates are picked from digital patterns and the machine does all of the cutting and marking for you!

How much? Ranges from $149.99 to $399.99


For the tree huggerShadeCraft Sunflower

What is it?

The ShadeCraft Sunflower is a solar powered patio umbrella that tracks the suns movement to provide perfect shade and continuously charges itself. The umbrella needs 2 hours to reach a full charge that will last for 72 hours, which powers all of the umbrellas features. These features include Bluetooth, voce command, speakers, lighting, and security camera.

How much? $2,700

For team Google Google Pixel 2

What is it?

The Google Pixel 2 is the new phone by Google that has many appealing features like, unlimited storage through the cloud, ability to squeeze the phone for Google Assistant and more. Also, the phone has a fantastic camera for photo and video, and you can even tell Google Assistant to take the photo for you.

How much?  $649

For team AppleiPhone X

What is it?

Apple released the iPhone X this year and it completely changes the iPhone game. The home button has been eliminated and the smart technology has gotten smarter because you can now open the phone through facial cognition. For all of the devoted Apple customers who need a new phone this holiday season, the iPhone X might be for you.

How much?



By Ann McGrail, TDS intern for Public Relations


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