CES 2020: 7 new products to enhance the home

From 8K televisions, to refrigerators that recommend recipes that fit your dietary needs to a bevy of home conveniences, CES 2020 provided some fun and always innovative products during its four-day show in Las Vegas. Held each year in early January, here are some highlights from CES 2020 that can enhance the home, entertainment, and lifestyle experiences.

As far as television technology is concerned, 8K displays were all the rave at CES this year. 8K displays offer four times the amount of pixels found in a traditional 4K Ultra HD TV, and the image quality will only continue to improve as 8K video cameras become more popular in the future. Samsung’s Q950TS 8K QLED TV offers all of the performance advantages of 8K—without the distraction of a bezel around the screen. The product looks incredibly sleek and futuristic, and with its 15 millimeter profile, the TV’s picture appears to spill out of the edges.

If you’re looking for something less expensive 4K products are fantastic and always improving. Dolby’s Vision IQ technology is no exception. Most 4K HDR TVs are meant for dark, theatrical-like settings, which can make the picture appear washed-out when viewing during the daytime. Dolby has solved this problem by adding light sensors to automatically adjust picture brightness in response to the viewing environment, and the impact of the technology is truly jaw-dropping. LG Electronics will be the only TV manufacturer in the United States to support Vision IQ technology this year.

Ultra-Short-Throw Projectors
TV projectors can boast a lower cost-per-inch when compared to TVs and they also reflect light, which is less straining on the eyes. Until now, that would have required a large area and fancy mounting, but VAVA has introduced an impressive 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector that can project between an 80-to-150-inch display from only 7.2 feet away. With this projector, you no longer need a pitch black room to receive a good image, and the projector bulb lasts 25,000 hours, which means you can use it up to four hours a day for the next 17 years.

TCL 5G Foldable Phone
This foldable prototype could come out later this year. The eye-catching phone will, when open, offer a 7.2-inch screen and cost less than the $1,500 foldable Motorola Razr flip phone.

Family Hub Refrigerator

Health was one of several focuses at CES 2020 and Samsung’s newest Family Hub refrigerator enhances the kitchen experience in a variety of ways.  Using artificial technology (AI), the refrigerator recommends Smart Recipes based on dietary preferences the user sets, prepares shopping lists, and—among other features—helps come up with a week-long meal plan based on what’s in the refrigerator. These features benefit users through improved dietary health, and also benefits the environment by greatly reducing grocery waste.

NurVV Run
From a fitness perspective, NurVV Run can change your cardio workout routine forever. Featuring 32 precision sensors, the shoe insoles bring you unique running metrics that allow you to improve your technique, run faster, and reduce injury risk based on suggestions from the NURV RUN coaching app. The lightweight trackers also measure your distance and pace to a world-leading 99 percent accuracy.

Conveniences in the Home
Narwal Mop and Vacuum Robot
This vacuum-cleaner robot can clean up a mess and then clean itself when done. The Narwal T10 can vacuum your floors and has a tank of clean water inside so it can mop your floor, too. It can then clean itself from the clean tank and move the dirty water over to a second tank. You can control the Narwal with an app that lets you create a layout of your home.

Manna Drone Food Delivery Service
Drone delivery startup Manna announced at CES a partnership with food ordering company Flipdish. With the deal, you’ll be able to track the airborne meal you ordered and get an estimated time for delivery.

For more info on the topics that products at CES 2020 were categorized by, check out the event’s website!

Owned and produced by Consumer Technology Association, CES 2020 was held Jan. 7-10 in Las Vegas.

By Garrett Seymour, Communications Intern

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