Get more out of your internet connection; tips to boost your Wi-Fi signal

Is your internet a little sluggish, especially at night when everyone in your home is trying to access the internet at the same time? While reasons vary from household to household, the strength of your Wi-Fi signal can be impacted by the placement of equipment, the number of devices connected, and a home’s layout.

Here are some tips to boost your Wi-Fi and provide faster internet speeds.

  1. Review router placement.  Place your router in the central part of your home. Make sure the router is elevated (waist high) and not surrounded by other electronic devices. Avoid putting it on the floor, inside a cabinet, near metal objects, or in the corner or the basement of your home. The gateway needs open spaces, away from walls and obstructions.
  2. Reduce number of devices connected to Wi-Fi. If you have multiple phones, laptops, smart-home devices, and any unused devices connected to your router, internet can slow down. The more devices connected, the slower your device will go. The internet rush hours are from 7 to 11 p.m. When too many people are accessing the internet, speeds are impacted. One idea is to disconnect any unused devices in your home to improve your internet operation.
  3. Check for interference. Wi-Fi signals are on the same radio frequency band as microwaves, cordless phones, baby monitors, security cameras, and Bluetooth devices. Avoid placing your router near these devices. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi travels through glass better than through concrete, brick walls, large furniture, and metal cabinets. Generally, homes with an open layout have better Wi-Fi.
  4. Kick out Wi-Fi freeloaders. Slow internet may have nothing to do with your signal; you could have a guest or two piggybacking on your network. Make sure your Wi-Fi is encrypted and protected, so others aren’t using your bandwidth without your knowledge. If the neighbor is downloading movies on your Wi-Fi, your video chats will suffer. Secure your network with a strong password.
  5. Upgrade your devices. Your Wi-Fi issues could be attributed to the age of your devices. Remember older laptops and smartphones may not download information as quickly as newer devices, especially if the device is four or five years old.
  6. Reboot your router. A hard reset allows your router to recalibrate and return to peak performance. Please note, this could result in your router being reset to the default password. Also, every connected device may not be able to connect without re-entering the password.

Everyone’s Wi-Fi situation is different, so there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for dealing with a weak signal. If you’re having issues, start with some of the solutions above.

You may also want to consider TDS Wi-Fi+, a service available to residential internet customers that provides a strong Wi-Fi signal on all connected devices. Using mesh network technology, TDS Wi-Fi+ minimizes dead zones, slow spots, and buffering by broadcasting wireless internet signals from multiple points in a home, rather than a single location. The technology blankets the whole home with a strong Wi-Fi signal, so you have a reliable connection and great internet experience.

TDS Wi-Fi+ is collaborating with eero, an Amazon company that provides advanced Wi-Fi systems, to deliver its intelligent whole-home Wi-Fi service. The technology uses machine learning to optimize the Wi-Fi signal and route network traffic efficiently. This ensures a strong signal and expansive coverage.

WI-FI+ is available in all TDS markets. Some restrictions apply. Please call for details at 844-691-9932 or go to TDS Wi-Fi+ | TDS (

Here’s a short video on how to improve your Wi-Fi speed and some more tips:

Improve your Wi-Fi Speed (

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  1. Vali Gallentine May 5, 2021 at 9:31 pm #

    We went with TDS and they hooked us up and then we added the EEROS and we still Don’t have a good connection

    • Cheryl McCollum May 6, 2021 at 2:19 pm #

      Vali, Please call our repair department so someone can check into this for you. You can call 1-855-696-8368 or go to this page if you want to submit a question online:

      Thank you, Cheryl

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