Tuesday, Sept. 19 is National IT Professionals Day

Today (Sept. 19), on National Information Technology (IT) Professionals Day, TDS thanks the hundreds of TDS associates who dedicate each day to developing new software solutions, to maintaining hardware systems, and to troubleshooting complex network issues. IT professionals are essential for keeping businesses around the world running smoothly. Thank you, IT Professionals, for all that you do!

Here are three reasons why IT Professional are important to today’s workforce:

  1. IT Professionals are essential to the functioning of our society

IT professionals design, develop and maintain computer systems and networks that store, process, protect and share information crucial to almost every aspect of daily life from communication to business transactions and beyond.

  1. IT Professionals are at the forefront of innovation

The work of IT professionals is constantly evolving as new technologies are created and implemented. As a result, these professionals are at the forefront of advancements in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity and other cutting-edge fields.

  1. National IT Professionals Day recognizes dedicated professionals

IT professionals have contributed to the development and maintenance of technology infrastructure in this increasingly digital age.


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