Want more revenue, profits and freedom? Start with a year-end assessment


What entrepreneur doesn’t want more of everything in the upcoming year? Regardless of the kind of year your business experienced, the end of the year signals an opportunity to reboot. It’s the time to clear the cache, fix the problems, and plan for smart business growth in the year ahead.

Regardless of industry, size, or location, entrepreneurs have a robust “want” list for the New Year. These are just a few items on the list:

  • Greater results with less effort
  • More and better clients
  • Less stress
  • Tools for running the business more easily
  • Growing the business without losing themselves or their families in the process
  • Ways to juggle life more successfully
  • Strategies for smart business growth to get to the next level in their business
  • Stellar employees with skills that match their needs and culture

What is on your “want” list for the upcoming year?

Time to “Slow your roll”
Like most entrepreneurs, you’re moving at a mile a minute. With so much to do to run a successful business, it can be challenging to find time to develop the key strategies to move your business forward.

One of the greatest challenges with running a small business is to slow down and step back from your business in order to objectively evaluate what’s really going on. Sadly, most entrepreneurs wait until January to begin the assessment and planning process. Woefully, they will have fallen behind. Critical momentum will be lost and the entire year will be spent playing catch up.

Even if you did have the time, would you know what adjustments you would want to make to move your business forward? An end-of-year business assessment is the ticket to help identify the business growth opportunities in your business.

A birds eye view
An end-of-year business assessment provides the fair and impartial vantage point needed when making sound, strategic decisions about the direction of your business.

More importantly, a year-end business assessment:

  • creates clarity
  • unearths what makes your business struggle and what makes it succeed
  • allows you to base your goals and plans on sound data rather than wishful thinking
  • identifies the business areas upon which to focus and strengthen
  • provides a foundation for smart business decisions
  • promotes strategic use of your time in the year ahead

In fact, there’s much more to a year-end business assessment than meets the eye. Although some entrepreneurs assume the assessment points out what’s wrong with their business, we prefer you use the business assessment as a tool to identify opportunities to grow your business rather than as a weapon against yourself or your business.

You’ve got the power
An end-of-year business assessment ensures your business has what it needs to deliver on your goals in the year ahead. It helps to expand and grow your business in a way that is smart and strategic. And, most importantly, the real power of the year-end business assessment is the process itself.

It’s the time when you put your business on pause, step back from the day-to-day grind of running your business, to objectively evaluate what your business needs to make sure it’s on the right track and headed in the right direction in the year ahead.

Are you ready to slow your roll, gain a bird’s eye view, and harness the power for a stellar year ahead? If so, download my free End of Year Business Assessment.

2016 starts…NOW.

This post was written by Jackie Nagel. As founder of Synnovatia, Nagel teams up with small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop strategic solutions to improve performance and accelerate business growth. Follow her on Google+.

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