Shop on HSN or QVC, TDS offers both channels

Shop at home and on the go for your favorite brands with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and QVC. With an ever-changing assortment of the latest items, the HSN and QVC are your go-to source for an amazing assortment of products.

Both shopping networks are interactive and offer a fun way to shop. Hosts work 24 hours a day to beam live product demonstrations to consumers. Find new brands, see what the trends are, and discover something new, along with specials, every day.

The Home Shopping Network (HSN) and QVC shopping network are broadcast on the following stations:

Arvada — Channels 16/569HD (QVC) and Channel 93 (HSN)
Fort Collins – Channel 19 (HSN) and Channels 95/569HD (QVC)
Woodland Park – Channel 12 (HSN) and Channels 18/569HD (QVC)
Estes Park – Channel 17 (HSN) and Channel 10 (QVC)
Cortez – Channel 11 (HSN) and Channel 4 (QVC)
Fort Carson – Channel 12 (HSN) and Channel 14 (QVC)

New Mexico
Eunice – Channel 51 (HSN) and Channels 99/751HD (QVC)
Hobbs/Lovington  – Channel 51 (HSN) and Channels 99/751HD (QVC)
Alamogordo – Channel 16 (HSN) and Channel 13 (QVC)
Carlsbad – Channels 19/751 (QVC)
Ruidoso – Channel 16 (HSN) and Channel 13 (QVC)
Truth or Consequences – Channel 20 (HSN) and Channel 12 (QVC)

Mesquite – Channel 16 (HSN) and Channel 7 (QVC)

Alpine – Channel 19 (HSN)
Fort Stockton – Channel 19 (HSN)
Seminole – Channel 51 (HSN) and Channels 99/751HD (QVC)

Cedar City – Channel 19 (HSN) and Channels 64/564 (QVC)
St. George – Channel 16 (HSN) and Channel 9 (QVC)

Please note that as of July 24, the evine shopping network will be removed from the following TDS channels:

Arvada  — Channel 296 (Digital Family Tier package)
Fort Collins – Channel 296 (Digital Family Tier Package)
Woodland Park – Channel 296 (Digital Family Tier Package)

New Mexico
Eunice – Channel 80 (Expanded TV)
Hobbs/Lovington  – Channel 80 (Expanded TV)

Alpine – Channel 99 (Limited Basic)
Fort Stockton — Channel 95 (Limited Basic)
Seminole – Channel 80 (Limited Basic)


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