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Sun outages are coming.

You’ve heard the song, no doubt. “Here comes the sun, doot-doot-do-doo Here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright.” Surely it’s stuck in your head now. You’re welcome. But while we’re on the topic, here comes the sun, indeed.… (Continue Reading)


What’s up with my Wi-Fi?

Wireless internet lets you watch or browse from anywhere…as long as your Wi-Fi network works well. Because Wi-Fi depends on radio waves from your wireless modem, anything that or blocks or interferes with those waves could mean trouble for your… (Continue Reading)

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Don’t fall for scareware

Our Remote PC Support team has been fielding lots of calls from customers asking about what’s known as “scareware.” Designed to scare you into action, these real-looking popup windows “warn” you about security vulnerabilities and urge you to call a… (Continue Reading)