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6 benefits of keeping your landline

If your phone isn’t in your pocket right now, you’re probably using it to read this article. If not, it’s charging on the kitchen counter. Am I right? Nearly everyone has a mobile phone today, so is the landline you’ve… (Continue Reading)


Scams that target older Americans

During May, the Federal Trade Commission celebrates Older Americans Month, with its Pass It On fraud prevention campaign. The FTC will take enforcement actions to protect older adults and has sued companies that tried to trick people into work-at-home and… (Continue Reading)


TDS donates $1,000 to ChildSafe Colorado

In recognition of the 35 years ChildSafe Colorado has been providing hope and healing to children who suffer from abuse and neglect, TDS recently donated $1,000 to this comprehensive, community-based organization. To provide a more child-safe environment, TDS employees also… (Continue Reading)