8 unique New Year’s resolutions for 2021

It’s a new year, but instead of the traditional New Year’s resolutions, here are some ideas to mix it up a bit.

Do Something Nice For Others Every Day
Many of our resolutions are inwardly focused, how to lose weight, save more money. Make 2021 the year to focus outwards instead and help make the world a better place. Plan to do one nice thing a day for someone else; whether it’s something small like giving a compliment, or something potentially life-saving like donating blood or sponsoring a child in need. By knowing you are making a difference, you will also indirectly boost your own happiness and sense of achievement.

Volunteer at a new location
Volunteer for a nonprofit you have never volunteered for before and then donate to it too. Not only will you meet new people, but you will learn a little bit more about your community.

Get to know one new person on your street or in your apartment building
Make this the year you introduce yourself to the neighbor down the street or in the apartment building. Expand your horizons a bit.

Document how the seasons change
Take a picture of a family member or friend at the same spot on the first day of each solstice. I live near a river and I took a photo of my children on the bridge looking down the river on March 20, June 20, Sept. 22, and Dec. 21. It was a great way to see how the trees on the banks of the river change every season.

Try a new challenge
Aim at breaking a personal fitness record. Walk around an entire lake, hike up the tallest hill or peak in your state, or bike to a town you have never been.

Learn Something You Never Learned As A Child
Learn how to do a handstand, a cartwheel, or swim. For this New Year’s resolution it’s time to nurture your inner child and learn that thing that you never learned to do that everyone else seems to know. Your younger self would be proud!

Try A New Food Each Month
Rather than cutting out foods from your diet as with so many New Year’s resolutions, opt to add more foods into your diet. Many of us don’t eat a varied enough diet, so ensure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs – as well as enhancing your enjoyment of food – by making a resolution to try a new food each month. Pick out a new exotic fruit and vegetable at the grocery story such dragon fruit, lychees, romanescu and plantain.

Make The Usual Unusual
It’s easy to get into a rut where we do the same things day in, day out, with our days passing us by as a routine-filled blur. Next year, spice up your routine by vowing to do one small thing differently each day or week. Wear something you wouldn’t normally wear, run a different route, or order a different coffee perhaps. Brighten up a routine day every so often by donning fancy earrings, swapping faded comfy knickers for your favorite silk underwear, or eating those fancy chocolates washed down with a glass of champagne

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