Attention TDS customers in Carlsbad:  Customer reports receiving phone call asking if they are TDS customer

It has come to our attention that a TDS customer in Carlsbad has received a phone call from the 210 area code asking if they are a TDS customer. According to the customer, if the answer is, “yes”, the caller then lets the customer know that if they provide their address; the caller will mail them a packet of information which will save them hundreds of dollars a year.  Please note, TDS did not make this call and it is unknown at this time who initiated the call.

TDS reminds customers that providing personal information over the phone, especially when you cannot verify the caller, is not recommended. This includes your home address, account information or any other personal identifying information. Please make sure you know who is getting your personal or financial information. Don’t give out personal information on the phone unless you’ve initiated the contact.

TDS recommends that if you do receive a call like this, ask the caller to provide you their customer service number that you can call back. Try to verify this number and then, when you call back, be sure to ask the company if they made the original call.

We are asking our customers, to please be alert for this situation happening now in Carlsbad.

TDS has alerted the local authorities to this situation.


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