Brenda Cody – TDS Volunteer of the Quarter

A quick glance at the list of Brenda Cody’s volunteering accolades will warrant a second look. Quite simply, the list is extensive—and the reason she’s been named TDS’ Q3 Volunteer of the Quarter.

As TDS’ manager of Field Cable Marketing, based in St. George, Utah, Brenda balances her full-time position and coordinating her teams’ volunteer opportunities, while also dedicating many hours each month to giving back in a multitude of ways.

“It’s hard to say how much time I spend volunteering every month,” Brenda said. “I spend so much time in the community with TDS and also volunteer on my own time, that it sort of blends together.”

Her coworkers refer to Brenda as the “face of TDS” in St. George. She serves on various boards of directors, packs meals for children in need, and works at an endless number of community events. In fact, Kathryn Shiverdecker, coordinator of Field Cable Marketing, refers to Brenda as the epitome of dedication to a community.

“I can’t tell you how many times Brenda has worked from sun up to sun down in order to help the charities in the community,” Kathryn said. “I have personally never met a more giving individual.”

As it turns out, Brenda has been volunteering for quite a while now. After her first 13 years with TDS, Brenda moved from Madison, Wisconsin to St. George, Utah five years ago. She brought with her a passion for generosity and selflessness. According to Brenda, one of the organizations she’s proudest to be a part of is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah (BBBSU), where she serves on the advisory board. Brenda said that the organization is near and dear to her. There’s always a need for mentorship and she has a long history with the group.

“When I was in Madison I had a ‘little sister,’” Brenda said. “She’s grown now and has two children. When I moved to Utah, I just wanted to continue to keep helping, but found I didn’t have quite as much time for mentorship, so I volunteered to serve on the board in order to stay involved.”

In addition to serving on the board at BBBSU, Brenda also often helps pack meals for children in need with her friend, Donna MacBean, founder of Neighborhood Connection. Together, the community volunteers pack around 500 meals a week for local elementary students who participate in the free- and reduced- lunch program. Operating out of MacBean’s garage, they provide breakfasts, snacks, and lunches.

Brenda also finds time to serve as a “Sunshiner” ambassador with St. George’s Chamber of Commerce, volunteers with Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah, and has organized and participated in many fundraising events including 5Ks and Mudd Volleyball tournaments.

When it comes to her energy, they say Brenda is the one that brings everyone together to reach out in their community. In fact, her peers recognize the effort she puts into making sure that TDS is well represented in the community, as well as the individual efforts she makes to give back.

“Brenda deserves being recognized for all the time she gives to others. She is our Volunteer of the Year,” said Robert Brown, manager of Project Implementation.

What keeps Brenda going is her belief that she has the ability to make a difference in the community.

“One of my favorite aspects of working at TDS is the program we have for volunteering opportunities,” said Brenda. “I’m lucky to hang out with people who volunteer both for their job and for themselves. There’s always a need. Anything you can do helps.”

Brenda was also recently nominated for the Key Allies Relationship Master Award (KARMA). The KARMA award is given to members who have networked and helped other members in the community through the relationships they have built and maintained. Brenda is one such individual who has invested a lot of time and effort into the relationships around her.

Thank you Brenda, for your dedication and your leadership! TDS is proud to recognize your efforts.

By Garrett Seymour, TDS Communications Intern

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