CES 2019 delivers for tech enthusiasts

With 4,500 exhibitors at January’s CES® in Las Vegas, there was no shortage of pioneer thinkers in technology.

More than 180,000 people from 155 countries attended CES 2019. From tech firms to innovative startups, companies introduced the latest innovation to the global market at CES. Everything from 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, smart cities, sports, and robotics. CES Categories such as lifestyle, health tech, and fitness wearables have grown massively at CES.

Check out some of our favorites.

Smart home
Foldimate is a laundry-folding robot where you feed the machine with about 25 articles of clothing and it will fold the items in five minutes.

Scoop less poop and come home everyday with a clean litter box with LavvieBot, a self-cleaning litter box that also auto-refills. For pet lovers with more than one cat, the first AI-powered cat food bowl called Mookkie uses face ID to recognize which pet is eating and dispenses the correct food.

Check out the Heatworks Duo Smart Untethered Carafe, which heats water to your chosen temperature as you pour.

TV and audio
Usually we talk about TVs getting bigger, but Samsung’s 75-inch MicroLED TV is the smallest incarnation yet that achieves 4K resolution. But if bigger is what you want, Samsung also showed a 219-inch version of The Wall. And over in 8K Land, the 98-inch Samsung Q900 QLED TV is one of the most massive 8K TVs announced so far.

Jabra’s promises its new Elite 85h over-ear premium wireless headphones will deliver “best-in-class” performance. The company says you’ll get the “best-in-class” performance for $299.

Keep nosy people from seeing your screen with HP’s Sure View privacy filter. HP expanded the technology from laptops to monitors and desktops for the first time.

You need a laptop? We not only have laptops, but also a few Chromebooks! AMD processors are a common theme, starting with Asus’s new TUF FX505 and TUF FX705 budget gaming machines. HP showed a Spectre x360 laptop with an OLED display and an AMD-powered Chromebook that will go on sale this month for $269. And Acer will have its own Chromebook with AMD’s A-series processor and a new version of its Swift 7 laptop.

Other cool items
The Y-Brush is a high-tech toothbrush that promises to brush your teeth perfectly (sonic vibrating technology) in 10 seconds.

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 runs completely off solar power and body-generated heat and has all the features of a smart watch: heart rate, step counting, 200-meter water resistance and notifications. The future of wearable fitness may be charge-free.

Bread Bot is a fully-automated bread making vending machine that mixes, kneads, proofs, bakes and sells wonderfully-smelling warm bread.

A burger from Impossible Foods that is entirely made out of plants. The burger uses a fraction of the world’s resources, has no cholesterol, less fat, less calories and just as much protein as a hamburger.

If interested in a report on Inside CES 2019, Trends and Takeaways, you can order here. CES posted the keynote addresses and other CES Highlights here.

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