DIY and easy Halloween costume ideas

Having the right Halloween costume is important. Every Oct. 31, many of us will dress up as our favorite superhero, monster, or movie character. A good Halloween costume can impress friends and turn heads. The problem is Halloween costumes can be expensive or take a long time to ship.

The solution is do it yourself (DIY) costumes. Affordable, creative, and fun to make, DIY costumes can be a last-minute costume solution or an exciting way to celebrate Halloween. Here of four DIY costume ideas you can use this Halloween!

Nintendo Switch Costume

Photo from Club Crafted

Need a couple’s costume? Like video games? If so, this costume is for you! You’ll need two poster boards, foam discs, paint, and some glue to make this costume come to life. While these may not be supplies you have at home, a quick run to the store will have you ready to craft this Nintendo Switch costume. You can find the full instructions here at 







Photo from Studio DIY

Juice Box Costume

This juice box costume is perfect for a last-minute, emergency costume if you’re in a pinch, as it only uses things that can be found around the house. For supplies, all you need is a wrapping paper tube, cellophane, and a red dress or shirt! While not necessary, hot glue, hem tape, and double-sided tape are also helpful for keeping the costume in one piece. To find the full instructions for this costume, as well as other school lunch themed DIY costumes, check out





Scuba Diver Costume

If you’re looking to get creative, and possibly explore the depths of the sea, look no further than this scuba diver costume. Great for kids and adults, this costume requires some specific supplies but creates a great unique look. For this costume, you’ll need a set of two-liter bottles, spray paint, a black shirt, black pants, diving googles, and hot glue. Other items, such as paper fish and metal pails, can be used to further theme the costume. Follow this link to find the detailed instructions: DIY Scuba Diver Costume.




Photo from

Bob Ross and Happy Tree Costume

This couple’s costume allows you to show off your creativity and artistic skills! One half of the couple will go as famous painter Bob Ross, who is known for his beautiful landscapes and good vibes. Dressing up as Ross is easy, as it only requires a wig and a painting palette. The other half will dress up as the painting! Here, you get to use your imagination. One suggestion can be seen in the photo above, where you dress as a tree. Other ideas include dressing as a mountain range or a sunset. You’re only limited by your imagination…and available wardrobe! You can find the detailed instructions here: Bob Ross Couples Costume – C.R.A.F.T. (

By Will Chamblee, TDS Communications Intern

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