Fraud Alert in Cedar City, Utah: Person claiming to be from TDS and DIRECTV seeking customer information

It has come to our attention that someone who claims to be from both TDS and DIRECTV is going door-to-door in Cedar City and recommending they bundle their TDS internet and phone service with DIRECTV. Please note that TDS does not partner with DIRECTV.

The customer said the individual was dressed nicely, but the individual was not wearing any distinguishing logos or badges. The customer provided the individual with personal identifying information and did not receive any business information back from the individual.

When going door-to-door, TDS employees always wear company logos on their shirts and will provide business identification. We are asking residents to be on alert for this situation happening in Cedar City. Similar situations have occurred in New Mexico.

We have alerted the local authorities and are working through the legal process to stop this activity; in the meantime please be cautious.

TDS reminds customers that providing personal information, especially when you cannot verify the individual, is not recommended. This includes your account information, credit card numbers or any other personal identifying information. When providing personal or financial information, please verify and confirm who is receiving your information.  In addition, for your own privacy and security, we do not recommend you invite a person into your home to discuss communication services.


Media Contact: Cheryl McCollum, Associate Manager, Public Relations, TDS Telecom,


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