Outdoor and Sportsman Channel Free Preview

During September, the Outdoor Channel and the Sportsman Channel will be free to preview! TDS TV+ and digital TV customers can now experience all that nature has to offer from the comfort of their homes.

The Outdoor Channel offers a variety of programming, including hunting, fishing, and survival shows. Dedicated to conservation and protecting American outdoor lifestyles, Outdoor Channel aims to educate viewers about the importance of preserving public lands and spaces.

Airing Monday nights, wild game cooking school is in session with English restaurateur and hunter Mike Robinson and his new series Wild Fish Masterclass on the Outdoor Channel. Robinson is one of Britain’s most prominent game chefs. He developed the new show on the coattails of his successful Outdoor Channel series Wild Game Masterclass that debuted in 2021.

The Sportsman Channel is dedicated to programming about outdoor sports, including hunting, fishing, and shooting. Packed with engaging storytelling and exciting programming, the Sportsman Channel is perfect for those who crave adventure!

Sunday night on the Sportsman Channel, check out Guide’s Tails, a showcase of the top guides from around the nation in both fresh and saltwater, inshore and offshore fishing. Featuring hosts Capt. Ed Zyak and Capt. Jamie Wilkinson, the captains take viewers into unique fisheries, touch on conservation hot topics and drop in to visit local tackle retailers and get some local flavor.

If you would like to add the Sports package to your TDS subscription, call 855-301-7470, so you can continue watching your favorite outdoor shows.

For TDS TV+ customers, the Outdoor Channel is on Channel 143 and the Sportsman Channel is on Channel 144. For digital TV customers, check your channel location guide for where you can find these two channels.

By Emma Maring, TDS Communications Intern


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