‘Rise and Fall: The World Trade Center’ Premieres Tonight on History Channel

Rise and Fall: The World Trade Center, Premieres Tonight (Sept. 10) at 8/7c

Tonight, don’t miss the premiere of Rise and Fall: The World Trade Center at 8/7c on The History Channel. Uncover the history of the Twin Towers, from early designs to overcoming technical challenges—to their heart-wrenching collapse. Through expert interviews and eyewitness testimonies, experience the definitive account of the World Trade Center. And the unforgettable true story of an iconic symbol of American ambition.

Inside the Hijacked Planes, 9/11: Four Flights, Premieres Tomorrow (Sept. 11) at 8/7c

Tomorrow at 8/7c, witness the stories behind all four hijacked airplanes with 9/11: Four Flights on The History Channel. As told by air traffic controllers, fighter pilots, crew, the loved ones of the victims, and actual audio recordings from the flights themselves – experience all the harrowing and heroic moments from the doomed airliners of 9/11.

Tragedy Unfolds, 9/11: I Was There, Premieres Tomorrow (Sept. 11) at 10/9c

Then tomorrow on The History Channel at 10/9c, 9/11: I Was There puts you in the shoes of those who were on the ground as the attacks on New York City unfolded. Featuring rare, in-the-moment footage captured by ordinary people who chose to pick up their video cameras that day, this riveting documentary captures an unfiltered look at one of America’s darkest hours.

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