Maximizing and preserving your devices’ battery life

Life is continuously made simpler and more convenient with the help of technology. Your phone and laptop can play music, send messages, take photos, and provide directions. But everything has its shortcomings. In this case- battery life.

Here are several solutions for a battery that dies fast and suggestions to optimize the battery’s health.

First, understand why batteries decline over time

The two most common types of batteries used today in laptops and mobile devices are lithium-ion (in and lithium-polymer. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are powered by lithium ions traveling to and from electrolytes.

During the travel back and forth, the lithium ions go from a positive charge electrode to a negatively charged one. The process will then cause residue and slowly degrade the electrodes with each transfer made. This is what ultimately leads to battery drain over time.

Optimize your devices’ settings by trying:

  • Set your device to Low Power Mode (View how to set an iPhone to low power mode here)
  • Lower the brightness of your screen
  • Turn off your Bluetooth
  • Delete any apps you no longer use
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data
  • Turn off push notifications
  • Use the original charger, not an off brand
  • Quit apps that may be running in the background

Give your devices the care they need

  • Make sure your device stays in suitable temperatures.
  • Power your device off completely at least once a week
  • Allow devices to die regularly. Keeping them plugged in for long periods of time when fully charged will kill the battery faster.
  • Regularly check your device’s battery health

Recognize when your battery health is declining

Some side effects of an aging battery may include:

  • Longer app launch times
  • Delayed or disabled camera flash
  • Dimming screen
  • Dying faster than usual
  • Freezing or not loading pages

Keep emergency batteries in times of need

You never know when you may need to call emergency services, so having back up batteries is strongly encouraged. Some home phones are power dependent and may go out in the case of bad weather. Check out TDS’ backup battery units here. The benefit is when fully charged, you can expect up to 24 hours of power to your phone line.

Call 1-855-301-7470 to learn more about TDS’ backup battery units.

And remember, most batteries need to be replaced every three to five years.

By Meagan Brown, TDS Communications Intern

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