Store a library of your favorite shows with CatchTV

Revolutionize your home-entertainment experience with the CatchTV DVR from TDS. Schedule recordings remotely, and then enjoy the freedom of watching your favorite shows anytime and on any TV in your home.  Plus, CatchTV has an enormous amount of storage space so customers can build a library of their favorite shows. With CatchTV, customers can record up to six channels at the same time.

CatchTV offer
Not a CatchTV customer? For a limited time, TDS is offering new CatchTV customers free rental of the DVR gateway for 12 months – risk free*.  Customers will save up to $156 ($13 a month) in rental costs. The DVR gateway hosts all your TDS video services, and acts as the hub of your whole-home DVR system. Media players to connect the additional media players in your home for an additional $6 a month. If you love TV, you’ll love CatchTV. 

To order, call 855/696-8368 for pricing details or sign up at

As a reminder, current CatchTV customers will no longer need to change inputs when deciding to watch Netflix and YouTube. It’s now easier than ever to watch all your favorite shows and videos in one easy click.

All customers need is a Netflix or YouTube account and a high-speed internet connection. Here are three ways you can access the apps from your CatchTV DVR:

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Scroll left/right in the Main Menu
  3. From the Apps Folder, you will find the Netflix and YouTube apps

Simply turn on your TV, click a button on your remote and log in to Netflix or YouTube. The Apps are already up on your CatchTV DVR.


*After 12 months, you will be charged $13/mo. unless you call to cancel.

Disclaimer CatchTV: Functionality requires a Gateway set-top-box, a media player for each additional TV, and an advanced cable modem. Promotional offer includes the rental of the Gateway for the first 12 months (normally $13/mo.) Media players for additional TVs are $6 each. Advanced cable modem costs $10 per month. $4.99 DVR Service fee applies. Standard fees apply at the end of the promotional period. Free Installation includes installation of the advanced cable modem, Gateway and up to 5 media players. In a case of non-standard wiring, installation fees may apply if determined by the technician at the time of installation. CatchTV requires customer to subscribe to qualifying Internet and TV service. CatchTV is not available in all areas. Other conditions may apply.


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