TDS enhances cybersecurity measures for customers

Online security threats are on the rise. In 2022, 37 percent of consumers experienced some form of cybercrime — a jump from 29 percent in 2020, according to a global consumer survey by F-Secure.

As cybersecurity needs continue to evolve, TDS’ protections for customers continues to adapt to the changing landscape.

Traditionally focused on virus protection, the TDS Internet Security Suite has added several components focused on preventing outside intrusion – making it more difficult for online criminals to spy or to steal sensitive information.  The product is powered by F-Secure, an award-winning cybersecurity provider.

One of the biggest new features of the TDS Internet Security Suite is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN improves users’ privacy by acting like a secure tunnel in which no one is able to see the traffic, which is especially important when utilizing public Wi-Fi.

In addition to VPN, the security suite includes:

  • A Password Vault, which protects your passwords and offers longer, encrypted passwords that your devices will automatically recognize.
  • ID Monitoring, which tracks whether your personal information has been leaked online and provides instructions on what to do if it is.
  • Virus Protection, which is always on and automatically updated.
  • Safe browsing features that block malicious websites and cut off potentially unsecure connections when logging into your online bank.

Learn more and download the suite here – or, if you’re not sure, you can try it for free for 30 days. Also, feel to call 1-855-696-8368.

“While cybersecurity threats are increasing, people can take steps to not become victims. Using security tools such as anti-virus, password vaults, and VPNs makes a real difference. TDS Internet Security Suite offers strong protections that we encourage people to take advantage of,” said Steve Mathesius, TDS Telecom Chief Information Security Officer.

Online security is important not just for those who are older or tech novices. According to the F-Secure survey, 72 percent of tech-savvy consumers feel that managing security of all their connected devices feels impossible, while 64 percent of consumers would prefer to purchase online security from their mobile, cable or internet service provider.

The TDS Internet Security Suite, which protects up to five devices, is available now for individual customers and will soon be launched for small- to medium-sized businesses.


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