Top Story: TDS bringing its fiber internet to Socorro, New Mexico

The El Defensor Chieftain named TDS and the bringing of its fiber network to Socorro, New Mexico as its top story of the year.

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Here is the story:

TDS broadband
After months of research and discussion between the City of Socorro and TDS Telecom, the construction of a high-speed network was beginning to take shape in the latter part of 2022. Once completed, the network upgrade will provide 2,000 Mbps – 2 gig – symmetrical internet speeds matching download and upload speeds. Fast downloads are better for streaming videos and music, and shopping online, and the fast upload speeds mean users can video chat, game, livestream and upload to the cloud or social media without a hitch.

TDS adds that the network expansion will offer business customers internet access and transport connections up to 10 gigs via dedicated fiber and TDS-managed IP, a hosted VoIP communications solution.

TDS is working with CEC Facilities Group out of Irving, Texas to construct the network, which is planned in three-to-four phases encompassing four sections of town, involving both burial and aerial cables. CEC Facilities broke ground in October with one crew of workers around the central and western parts of Socorro. The first area includes installing about 18 miles of fiber and more than 1,400 service addresses.

Construction in the southern section, generally south of the Plaza serving 1,318 customers with 16.9 miles of fiber, should begin in January. Construction for the eastern section of Socorro, everything east of California Street to serve 1,308 customers with 18.8 miles of fiber, is targeted to begin in May.

More crews will be brought in to construct the network through the winter months. This project is solely a private-sector investment from TDS. No government support funds will be used.

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